Mobile Detailing Services

The Best Car Detailing & Auto Detailing in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Need help reviving that brand-new car look and feel? You’re in the right place. At Big Kid’s Candy Shop on Oahu, we strive to restore the look and feel of your vehicle, whether it’s on the interior or exterior of your car!

For us, quality auto detailing doesn’t stop at providing amazing results, it starts there. We only use the highest quality, environmentally-safe procedures and products to guarantee long-lasting results that won’t harm your vehicle’s surfaces over time. Ever noticed your black tires turning brown or your paint starting to be covered with swirl-marks that fade the paint? They are a result of low-quality detailing products or techniques that in the end inflict more damages than they resolve. The Big Kid’s Candy Shop products and processes guarantee you’ll get that new-car look for months or even years.  

Regardless of your budget or needs, we have a car cleaning or detailing package that will suit you or we can custom build a package just for your car. Maybe you’re looking to increase the gloss and shine of your paint? We have paint correction and car waxing/sealing services that will delight you. Maybe you’re looking to clean the interior of your car? We have several car interior cleaning options that can effectively remove carpet stains, revive faded leather seats or remove bad odors from your car. Are you looking for the ultimate solution to protect your vehicle for years to come? Our ceramic car coating or paint protection film services in Honolulu are the ideal solutions to provide you with comprehensive protection and peace of mind for years to come.

Why is Car Detailing & Auto Detailing Important?

You may be surprised at how much bacteria and toxic pollutants lay on your vehicle’s interior. In fact, a recent report showed that on average, your car has 283 different kinds of bacteria lying around in your car at all times…now that’s disgusting. Add to that all the toxic chemicals coming from your engine and your interior can become an unhealthy place to be. Luckily for you, our full-service interior car detailing service is equipped with the appropriate equipment and products to thoroughly remove all bacteria and contaminants during our cleaning processes. We even have special products that help prevent the growth of bacteria and germs in the future.  What parent wouldn’t be excited about that for their car in Honolulu and on Oahu?

What about the exterior of your car? UV rays, brake dust, tar, pollution, bird droppings, and other contaminants can rapidly diminish your paint’s shine and leave permanent stains on your clear-coat. Regular professional car washes and auto detailing near you prevents contaminants from harming your paint in Hawaii. Our exterior detailing process can include a full decontamination using a clay bar that removes embedded or ferrous contaminants stuck in your paint that regular car washing cannot remove. We then apply a wax, sealant or ceramic coating to add a layer of protection against abrasive and chemical contaminants. Wear and tear are inevitable and will make your vehicle show its age over time. Our paint correction service can turn the clock back years on your car’s paint. We can easily remove scratches, marring, swirl-marks to restore gloss and clarity to your paint. Our paint correction services can include multi-stage polishing treatment or even wet-sanding for heavily scratched paint giving you that show car quality shine anywhere you go in Honolulu or on Oahu.

Don’t have time to come to the shop?  We can meet you anywhere in Honolulu and Oahu you need. While we have a fantastic detailing studio in Oahu, the Big Kid’s Candy Shop can save you time and money by meeting you wherever and whenever works best for you. The Big Kid’s Candy Shop has a state-of-the-art mobile unit fully stocked with our great products and cleaning tools to restore or maintain that new car finish, wherever on Oahu you may be located. Call us today to find out more about our mobile car and vehicle detailing services, specially designed to help you be free to do what you need to do, all while having a car, truck, or vehicle that looks it’s absolute best in Honolulu.  

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