Black Shine™ High Gloss Tire Spray – 22oz


Be the boss of your gloss. Keeping your tires looking their best has never been easier.

  • Apply to tire, let stand, for glossy finish
  • Apply to pad for satin finish
  • Provides water and UV protection
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Take control of your tire's sheen. Black Shine High Gloss Tire Spray creates a darker, uniform color and adds a durable, glossy shine to your tires. Spray it directly to the tire and wait… the longer it sits the glossier the look. Then spread evenly with an applicator pad. For a more satin look, spray the product on an applicator pad and wipe it on the tire until you attain the desired effect. Black Shine High Gloss Tire Spray will stand up to rain, road grime, car washes, and the sun's harmful rays, providing long-lasting protection.


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