Brilliant Finish Foaming Sprayer


Easily lay down a sea of cleaning foam and rinse your vehicle for a safe and thorough wash in a lot less time and with a lot less effort.

  • Easily connects to water hose with no tools or costly extra equipment needed
  • 32-ounce quick-disconnect reservoir for quick wash-to-rinse action
  • Built-in pistol grip for reduced fatigue during big jobs
  • Dispenses BOSS™ Foaming System liquids using our Auto-Mix pink metering tips
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Do you have a super-dirty vehicle to wash? Got a big truck or RV? Our Foaming Sprayer gets your wash soap where it needs to go. Foam cleans better. It clings, giving the cleaner longer to work, loosening, encapsulating, and lifting dirt away from the surface of your paint. Big-time suds also mean more peace of mind. Foam is slick so you get more lubricity and a safer wash experience. The sprayer allows you control how much product you use and when you're done washing just remove the reservoir and use the nozzle to rinse your ride. It can also clean wheels with our Wheel Cleaner, engines with Engine Cleaner, and tires with Rubber Cleaner. Since the sprayer aerates the cleaner you save money by using less product… use this convenient sprayer once and you'll wish you had bought it sooner.

Note: The Foaming Sprayer can also be used as a delivery device for our BOSS™ Foaming System. It accepts THE BOSS™ Foam Cannon Sure-Flow pink metering tips so you simply pour the concentrate in the jar and let the foam fly… no mixing, no mess.


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