Gloss It EVO 12 Polisher

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The perfect companion to our EVO 15mm and EVO21 Long Throw Polisher, for paint correction of small or hard-to-reach areas. Introducing EVO 12mm Long Throw Polisher.

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EVO 12 12mm Long Throw Orbital Polisher was designed, tested and proven at Gloss-It corporate detail studio in Las Vegas over the last 4 years and thousands of paint correcting and polishing hours. The EVO12 is ideal for spot-correction and a must-have tool in your paint correction tool arsenal. This will be a go to tool from cars, boats and motorcycles. Whether you need to paint correct those small areas on your vehicle such as A, B, and C pillars on your doors, complex curves around fog lights, rear spoilers, headlights, taillights, rocker panels, the EVO12 polisher with its smaller machine housing and smaller pads has more than enough power to do the job and achieve perfection. The short overhang around the backing plate also allows for access into more difficult areas like on and around mirrors, clear coated wheels, door handles, and around tight emblems.

EVO12 is intended to be used for spot correction of specific areas on a vehicle where the EVO21 and EVO15 machines cannot fit. We do not recommend correcting an entire vehicle with this small polisher. Most swirl mark removal can be achieved at speed setting 3 or 4 on the adjustable speed dial, with the higher speed 5 and 6 left for heavier scratches.