Gloss It EVO 21 Polisher

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Don’t settle for anything less! The Gloss-It EVO 21 DA Car Polisher is built for professional auto detailers and at home car enthusiasts alike. Get the best scratch-free finish without the fatigue- this car polisher has the most torque out of all the long stroke dual actions on the market.

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The Gloss-It EVO21mm Random Orbit Dual Action Polisher has raised the bar when it comes to professional results with a dual action polisher. Engineered to be as easy to use as possible, this da car polisher features a user friendly handle, top grip for control, and speed lock allowing you to get the job done with less effort than other machines.

Comparing the EVO 21 to other car polisher and buffers is like comparing a sports car to an economy car, but with one exception- the Gloss-It da polisher is at that lower price point of the standard car!

Why Dual Action:

Including two separate movements the dual action polishers feature the normal spinning rotation in addition to counter rotation. Random orbital polishers use oscillation to help prevent any potential burning or other damage to your paint and finish.

Cut and finish in one step with the EVO Cut Finish Polish 2000! This car finish polish is specially formulated and tested extensively in the Gloss-It Detail Studio to eliminate most scratches and swirl marks.
EVO 21 DA Car Polisher Specifications

Random Orbit Dual Action Polisher
Speed Control: 6 Speeds- Choose from 1000 to 6000 oscillations per minute
No Load Speed: 1700-4200 RPM
Motor: 900 Watt
Orbit: 21 Millimeters
Cord: 15 Foot with Cord Keeper Included
Lightweight: Roughly a pound lighter than most machines
Gas Pedal Trigger and Lock: Easily control speed by how hard you squeeze then lock in your desired speed.
Aeronautical Handle: Prevents fatigue by absorbing the machines vibration