Intermediate Detail


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Wash vehicle with automotive shampoo and microfiber mitt Clean and wash wheels and tires with gentle wheel cleaner Clean inside all door and trunk jambs with a mild cleanser Wipe and dry excess water with microfiber drying towel/chamois All black trim taped off to prevent wax contamination Single stage paint decontamination to remove all embedded particles from paint surface Apply polymer paint coating by machine or hand Hand buff with plush microfiber towel to bring out gloss Tire dressing Vacuum under and between seats Deep cleanse and scrub interior surfaces; including instrument cluster with gentle all-purpose interior cleaner Dress and condition all panels (i.e.: dashboard, door panels, kick panels, center console, etc.) Condition (leather) seats with a protective, hydrophobic, and UV protectant Remove and shampoo (4) four floor mats Shampoo clean cloth seats OR leather seats Wipe INSIDE/OUTSIDE windows

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Large Vehicle, Regular


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