Target Tire Dressing Kit


Nothing kills the look of bright and shiny rims like dull and beat down tires. This kit delivers a deeper clean and less mess.

  • Target-patterned recesses hold liquid so it won’t spill
  • Large-cell construction applies thin, even coats every time
  • Durable foam is machine washable for a long service life
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This pad's target-patterned recesses and medium, open-cell foam construction conforms to the tire's sidewall. It efficiently delivers thin, even coats, ensuring your dressing remains in the pad or on the tire, not on your driveway. Add dressing to the pad's edge and precisely apply dressing adjacent to the wheel face, preventing over application onto wheel. The hook and loop attachment makes for fast swapping to new pads. Kit includes two washable Target Tire Dressing Applicators and a black Contour Grip 3" Pad Holder.


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