Wheel Cleaning Clay – 7oz


Griot’s Wheel Cleaning Clay leaves behind an ultra-clean, ultra-smooth surface that is ready to receive wax or sealant for protection.

  • Removes tough embedded debris from your wheels
  • The large 7 ounce (200 gram) clay bar will clean many wheels
  • Safe for all smooth wheel finishes
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Regardless of how clean you think your wheels are, there may still be acidic contaminants stuck on the surface that eventually bore their way through the finish. Wheel Cleaning Clay is safe for all wheel finishes. To use, first thoroughly clean your wheels. Remove the clay from the wrapper and tear off a small ball. Next spray your wheel with Speed Shine® which acts as a lubricant allowing the clay to glide over the surface. Then rub the clay back and forth until there is no drag. Unlike other cleaners and polishes no buffing or hard circular motions are necessary. Wipe dry with our soft microfiber cloth.


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